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Y-axis Scaling issue ...

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I am drawing a multiple series stacked chart in two panes (i.e. each pane shows stacked chart) as shown below,

Notice Y-axis scaling for the bottom pane. Ideally this should go upto $40,000. I have tried following things without any success though,

1. Setting AxisY.Max manually & then calling AdjustScale to get "nice" values

2. Verified that AutoScale property is True for both Y-axes

3. Calling ResetScale method before setting the data for the series for a particular pane

4. Calling RecalcScale just before calls to CloseData

5. Calling RecalcScale just after calls to CloseData

I am guessing that it's timing issue and I am not calling above mentioned methods in right order.

How can I fix this issue?

Thanks for quick reply.


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RecalcScale will not be smart enough to achieve what you need. A stacked chart scales is calculated as one and not divided among panes.

You will have to manually set the Min and Max for BOTH axes, setting AxisY.Min will only do it for the top pane. Remember, each pane has its own set of axes.


Francisco Padron


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