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Axis Sections for Multiple panes

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I am using Axis sections to highlight portions of my chart. (I have attached

the screenshot of the same).

I am having a chart with 2 panes shown one above another. Now to highlight a

portion of the chart I am using 'Axis Sections'. The advantage being that it

shows the corresponding selection in both the panes. However, I noticed the

following problem:

1) The horizontal gridlines(Y axis gridlines) vanish/dissappear inside the

'Axis section' area. This happens only for the upper pane. For the lower

pane, notice in the screenshot that the gridline is visible even insde the

axis section region.

2) For a normal single pane chart I found that that gridlines are visble

even inside the axis section area.

Is there something worng in the way I am doing it?



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This is a tricky one.

The behavior is caused by the order in which axes are drawn. The X-Axis is

drawn right after the first pane is drawn and therefore it cover everything

the Y-Axis drew. Other panes are drawn later, therefore anything they draw

(e.g gridlines) are drawn on top of the X-Axis.

The solution for you is to use Stripes instead of axis section. Stripes are

drawn BEFORE all axes so all gridlines will be on top of them.

For example:

chart1.Stripes[0].From = 2;

chart1.Stripes[0].To = 4;

chart1.Stripes[0].Color = Color.Red;

chart1.Stripes[0].Axis = AxisItem.X;


Francisco Padron


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