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graphical of pyramid

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I am not sure I understand your question.

I think you are asking this:

"I have set PointLabels to false in the chart but still see them on the

pyramid. (And not the Pie)"

I am guessing you have turned on the PointLabels for Series 0 and that it

why they show up.

make sure (chart1.Series[0].PointLabels == false)

In fact if you don't want point labels to show ever just don't set the

Series PointLabels and they will take the value from Chart which you are

setting to false.

Hope this helps.


"Emma" <eluna@bitconsultingusa.net> wrote in message


> How to avoid that for ace graphical of pyramid they are eliminated the

> labels it still places in the CFX_Consulta.PointLabels code = False But

> this asi to him sample that I must do so that it does not show it






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