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Does anyone know how to draw chart with multiple panes (2-3) with each pane

having different number of series data:

Eg: If we have 2 panes, the top pane must have 3 series of data and the

lower pane must have 2 series of data. I am basically not clear as to how we

can set data for specific panes in a multiple pane chart.




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Each Series is associated to a particular Y-Axis, for example:

chart1.Series[1].YAxis = (YAxis) 4;

Each Y-Axis belongs to a pane, for example:

chart1.Axis[4].Pane = 1;

This API allows you to create any number of Y-Axes and any number of Panes.

Finally, Y-Axes scales (Min and Max) are calculated when you set the data,

so series must be assigned to their appropriate axis BEFORE setting the

data, otherwise you need to call RecalcScale to recalculate all Y-Axes



Francisco Padron


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