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Xaxis values

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Is it possible to vary the XAxis units for portions of the axis.

Eg: Assume that I have data plotted in chart wih time along XAixs. Assume

that I am potting points @ of 1 point every 15 minutes. Now assume that for

5 hours in between there is not data for plotting, I will show it as a empty

gap using 'Hidden Points'. Now can I shrink this 5 hour gap along the XAxis

and show it sort of consolidated with just a small gap indicating the

duration when there is no data. After that empty gap the chart should show

the normal X axis with the normal gap between plotted points.



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No. An axis is either linear or logarithmic, what you are describing is sort 

of a custom, discrete scale. We do not support this in the current version.

You can however, make the chart look like you want by changing the X-Axis

labels, instead of leaving gaps in your data, you will only add those points

that actually exist. Instead of using X-Values, use the X-Coordinate as a

label this way the actual value of it will not be used to position the

point. What type of chart is this ? a bar chart ? line chart ? other ?


Francisco Padron


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