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Finding the number of points plotted

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Is there someway to find the number points that have been plotted for each

series in the chart?

My chart needs to show multiple series of data, and the number of points

plotted along each series at any given instant need not be the same.

- How can I 'AddPoints' to the end of any existing series in the chart?

Please note that the number of points plotted in each series may be

different. Is this possible in chartFX? Also for my I cannot use

chart.NSeries bcoz this returns the maximum number of points in a series

- The above problem is bcoz, I am using the chart for real time data. I am

plotting data that I receive from 3 different sources along a timeline. Now

I cannot afford to wait to get all data before plotting the points. Is there

a alternate solution?

Thanks & Regards,


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All series have the same number of points. The chart data looks like a table

(you can see the data in this format by turning on the Data Editor).

You can add "hidden" points to the end of a series to achieve different

sizes, make a point hidden, you assign its value as follows:

chart.Value[seriesIndex, dataIndex] = Chart.Hidden;

As far as counting how many points are not hidden in each series, you will

have to keep this count in your own variables, these can be calculated as

you pass data to the chart.


Francisco Padron


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