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How to control date axis labeling?

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A horizontal date axis formats and places its labels in a "smart" way 

depending on the range of dates, size of the window, etc. sometimes placing

a mm/dd/yy type label at a tick mark and sometimes placing a month, quarter

or a year label in the middle of an interval (between the tick marks). Is

there any way turn off this functionality and make labels always appear as

AT THE TICK MARK and in the same format?

I know one can do something like:

> chart.AxisX.LabelFormat.Custom = "MM/dd/yy;MM/dd/yy;;MM/dd/yy;yyyy"

The problem is this results in mm/dd/yy labels appearing in the wrong

place - between the tick marks when the chart wants to label the axis with

months, quarters, or years.

Thanks for your help,


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