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Simple Pie Chart Question

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I have some very simple data for a pie chart and cannot figure out how to get the legend to display appropriately. I have the data below in a DataTable that I am binding to the charts DataSource property.

The DataTable


Outcome NumberOfApplications


Declined 51

Auto Decline 12

90 co-signer 9

2 Months Rent 17

Lacks Info 6

1 Month Dep 15

Approved 167

3X Liquid Assets 5

I want a pie chart where the legend displays right of the chart (see attachment). The legend should be the Outcome data elements (Declined, Auto Declined, etc...). When I display the lengend if gives me a single item labeled NumberOfApplications.

How do I get the Outcome(s) to display as the legend items?

Additionally, is there a facility to sort the legend items based on the NumberOfApplications values?

Thanks in advance,

Kent Bejcek


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