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real-time trending

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I've been experimenting with ChartFX for use as a Trend control to trend

numeric values over time. What I have found is that ChartFX uses quite a

bit of cpu (25- 30%) when the number of points being plotted becomes large

(>1000). In my particular case I'm refreshing the chart every 3 seconds. I

assume the cpu usage is cause by the frequent redrawing of the chart, and

the large number of points.

Is there any way to make ChartFX more efficient in this type of scenario?


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There are many ways to improve painting performance in Chart FX, in 

particular for real-time charts we provide a special api designed to make

faster refresh, however these optimizations can only be used when the chart

meets certain conditions.

Please check the following:

1) "Real Time" section in Programmers Guide.

2) Real-Time sample provide at


3) Other things that help improve performance are related to the complexity

of the chart being displayed, for example a Curve chart is much slower than

a Line chart, Circle markers are slower than Squared ones, in general, we

depend on the performance of GDI+ so the performance of the chart depends a

great deal of the performance of the GDI+ primitives used.


Francisco Padron


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