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drag-drop in charts

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I am implementing Drag-drop operation for charts (ChartFX). I found that

after a drag-drop operation, the chart control does not show the highighting

feature as before.

i.e: Normally in a chart if we have multiple series of data, when the user

moves the mouse over each series, the specific series gets higlighted and

the others move to the background(appear faded/dull). Now after a drag

operation, in particular after executing 'chart.DoDragDrop' I noticed that

the chart does not show this highlighting feature. I tried using the

'Refresh' function but this does not work too.

I have attached a sample application which has 2 charts. The user must be

able to do a drag from the chart on the left and drop to the chart on the

right side. In the application I am displaying a messagebox on succesful

completion of a drag-drop operation. The intent is actually to be able to

drag the 'data' contained in the chart and to be 'drop'able on other


I am not sure if there is something wrong in the way I am implementing the

drag-drop operation!

Thanks & Regards,


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