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zoomed chart shows series, print-out of zoomed chart does not ?!

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When I zoom into a chart, I can see the series in the zoom area on my 


When I print the zoomed chart (via print button in toolbar), the print-out

does not show any series, just the axes, title and series legend.

This problem occurs (at least) under: WinXP (SP2), VS.NET 2003, C#, Chart FX

Windows Forms 6.2 trial version, printer: network printer, A4, portrait +

landscape the same

Is this a bug, or am I doing anything wrong?


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"SoftwareFX Support" <noreply@softwarefx.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 


> Is the range in the X-Axis and Y-Axis the same range as in the screen ?

the range of Y-Axes in the screen is slightly larger than in the printout,

but almost identical,

whereas the range of the X-Axis in the screen is between 110 and 170 - and

in the printout (page1) 0 to 30 and (page2) 30 to 60.

This explains why there is no series visible in the printout, but shouldn't

the range of screen and printout be the same, even when you zoom into the


> Is it printing only one page ?

no, the printout generates two pages, but none of them shows the screen

series, as the X-range is different from the screen.

I have attached three gifs: the screenshot, and page 1 and 2 of the

printout. Maybe this helps you to identify the error.

Another (minor) difference between screen and printout is the text

orientation of Y-Axis labels:

in the screen the text is rotated (as expected), in the printout every

single letter is still horizontal (not as expected).


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I have attached the exported chart binary for your further examination.


"SoftwareFX Support" <noreply@softwarefx.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag


> Interesting, looks like a bug.


> Please save this chart to a binary file (use Export method) and attach it

> to

> your next posting, I will try to reproduce the problem here and see if it

> is

> indeed a bug.


> --

> Francisco Padron

> www.chartfx.com



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