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Liscence problem

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I have a strange liscence problem.

Here wath I did :

1 - I bought ChartFX (The one that allow you to publish the dll to the


2 - I built a C# COM dll that use the chartFX library

3 - I built a C++ application that use my COM dll

Schematically it look like this : (ChartFX dll) ---> (My C# COM dll) ---->

(My C++ exe)

4 - My exe application crash when it used on another computer, however I

joined the chartFx dll in my package.

The error is "CouldnĀ“t get Run Time liscence...."

I did all this process to be able to use a charFX graph in my C++


Can you help me please?



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The following articles explains the cause of the problem:

Q6101008. Using Chart FX for .NET Windows Forms control from a DLL


Q6101001. How to deploy a WinForms Application when it contains a wrapper

object using Chart FX for .NET


What I understand from your explanation is that your EXE is unmanaged. Is

that a correct assumption ? If this is the case you will not be able to

embed a license into it, you will need to contact Software FX for a special

license. If your EXE is a managed app then simply embed the license in it as

explained in the following article.

Q6101010. How to manually add a Chart FX license to an executable



Francisco Padron


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