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Financial Legend show by default?

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There are two legend boxes.

When you start a new application and right click you will see two options

"Legend Box" and "Financial Legend"

One allows the user to toggle on/off new studies(Financial Legend) and the

other is merely a legend for the colors in the chart.

To turn on the "Legend Box" you need to use the ChartFX API

chart1.UserLegendBox = true;

The Legend Box really uses the UserLegendBox in ChartFX.

For the "Financial Legend" it is in the Analytical Class

financial1.Gallery.Analytical.LegendBox = true;

Hope this helps.


"Richard Sbarro" <rsbarro@metaverse.cc> wrote in message


> Is there any way to make the Financial Legend in the ChartFX Financial

> Extension show by default in the Windows Forms version?


> Thanks,

> Rich

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