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Independent colours for each point, same colour for line

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[using ChartFx for Windows forms v6.2]

The sample code at


shows assigning independent colours to each marker point by setting the

PointAttibutes on each point.

How can I set the colour per point, but not change the colour of the lines

between each point?

For a single series, I want the lines between the points to be the same

colour, but the marker points to be different colours. How can this be done?



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What you need to do is use the Border Color to draw the line instead of the 

Series color, this way you can have your line being a different color from

the Marker.

Here is how you can do this:

chart1.TypeMask &= ~ChartType.ColorLine; // Instruct Chart FX to NOT use the

color of the series for the lines but use the border instead

// Copy the series color as the border color

chart1.Series[0].BorderEffect = BorderEffect.None;

chart1.Series[0].BorderColor = chart1.Series[0].Color;

chart1.Series[1].BorderEffect = BorderEffect.None;

chart1.Series[1].BorderColor = chart1.Series[1].Color;

// .. do it for all series

// Change the color for a specific point. Now this will not affect the line,

only the marker.

chart1.Point[0,3].Color = Color.Red;


Francisco Padron


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