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There is no real way to display the legends outside of the chart.

You can set the mode to External but it will still be in the confines of the


If you want to draw (role) your own legend box you can use this API

chart1.Series[0].Color or chart1.Point[0,0].Color

It will tell you the color of your particular series/point. Each series has

its own SeriesAttributes and each Point has a PointAttributes object

assigned to it. SeriesAttributes derives from PointAttributes. Several

points may have the same PointAttributes object if there is no reason to

create a new one.

Does that help?


"Alan" <suspiration@gmail.com> wrote in message


>I would like to display the legends in an area outside of the chart. Is

>there a way to get which series have what kind of color/point so that I

>could display the legends outside?


> Thanks!


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