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Long x label on gantt chart hangs application.

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I have an application that has successfully used chartfx 6.0 for 2 years.

Recently I grabbed the 6.0.1551 build (was using 6.0.1327) and after that

whenever i have a single x label that is much longer than the other labels

on a gantt chart and i gradually make the form wider until the chart area

appears again the app will immediately hang.

Once you experience this error you cannot recover from it.

Here is the stack where it is hung.

chartfx.dll!SoftwareFX.ChartFX.AxisBase.D0(SoftwareFX.ChartFX.17 1AO =

{SoftwareFX.ChartFX.17}, SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Base.IGraphicsEx 1AP =

{SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Base.GraphicsEx}, System.Drawing.Rectangle[] 1AQ =

{Length=6}, SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Base.SetPropFlag 1AR = 0,

SoftwareFX.ChartFX.0S 1AS = 32775) + 0x204b bytes

chartfx.dll!SoftwareFX.ChartFX.AxisCollection.DH(SoftwareFX.ChartFX.17 1CC

= {SoftwareFX.ChartFX.17}, SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Base.IGraphicsEx 1CD =

{SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Base.GraphicsEx}, System.Drawing.Rectangle[] 1CE =

{Length=6}, SoftwareFX.ChartFX.0S 1CF = 32775) + 0x6f bytes

chartfx.dll!SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Chart.DT(SoftwareFX.ChartFX.17 1D4 =

{SoftwareFX.ChartFX.17}, SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Base.IGraphicsEx 1D5 =

{SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Base.GraphicsEx}, bool 1D6 = false, bool 1D7 = true) +

0xe7 bytes

chartfx.dll!SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Chart.DS(SoftwareFX.ChartFX.17 1D0 =

{SoftwareFX.ChartFX.17}, SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Base.IGraphicsEx 1D1 =

{SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Base.GraphicsEx}, System.Drawing.Rectangle 1D2 = {X=0

Y=0 Width=676 Height=340}, int 1D3 = 0) + 0x329 bytes


1CX = 69, SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Base.IGraphicsEx 1CY =

{SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Base.GraphicsEx}, System.Drawing.Rectangle 1CZ = {X=0

Y=0 Width=676 Height=340}) + 0x289 bytes

I think downgrading back to 1327 corrects the issue. I cannot reproduce the

problem in a sample app.

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We are unable to reproduce this problem. Without a repro case we can not 

determine what the problem is and consequently how to fix it.

I tried putting long labels in a Gantt chart but I could not get it to hang.

Please export the chart (before it hangs) to a binary file using the Export

method and attach it to your post.


Francisco Padron


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