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Azure DevOps Chart FX 7 Run Time License Error


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I'm automating builds and deployments in Azure DevOps for our company.  Currently developers are building locally using Visual Studio 2015 and sending a zip file to QA for testing and manual deployment.  When building an application locally in Visual Studio 2015 and using the licenses.licx file, it runs fine on the QA server.  In Azure DevOps, I'm using a Microsoft 2019 Hosted agent for automated builds.  Since it's not an easy task to install ChartFX on a hosted agent and the build fails on licenses.licx(1, 0): error LC0004:, I tried using the license manager locally to create and embed the exe.licenses in the project as mentioned in this posting: 

The build works in Azure DevOps with the embedded exe.licenses, but when it's deployed to the QA server we keep getting the following error: 
Couldn't get Run Time license for 'ChartFX.WinForms.Chart'
We are currently using Chart FX 7.  Please let me know if you need further explanation on my issue and if you have any ideas how to build and deploy licenses on a hosted agent.
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When using Chart FX in an environment like Azure and AWS, a special license mechanism is required, consisting in the use of a license string, which requires signing a special agreement and payment of additional fees. Please contact us by email to products at softwarefx dot com for further details.

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Only one ASP.NET application uses Chart FX 7 and the source code is being store in Azure DevOps source control.

An Azure DevOps build pipeline builds the ASP.NET application from source control and stores it as build artifact, .zip file.  When the build completes successfully, it triggers a release pipeline that deploys the build artifact to several external ASP servers.

The application is not being hosted in Azure.  We are just using CI/CD in Azure DevOps.

Does that mean we still need a special license mechanism, license string, and special agreement and payment of additional fees?

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