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> What´s the version of your ChartFX.WinForms.dll ? Do you have the latest

> Service Pack ?

I had version 7.0.2330.23824.

I started the update in Samples& Resource Center, now I have version


I removed and added the references in my project and the icons in the


After that the build succeeded.

Now the chart isn´t truncated at the right (fine!), but now it is truncated

at the top and at the left nuch more than before at the right! And below the

chart, there is much empty space.

See Screenshot CurrentPage_2.jpg and the resulting CurrentPage_2.pdf !!!


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> Are you changing any of the default printer settings ? We are unable to

> reproduce this problem.


> Please attach a sample project that reproduces it.

a) Only Landcape is changed in my sourcecode:

pChart.Printer.Document.DefaultPageSettings.Landscape = true;

pChart.Printer.Document.PrinterSettings.PrinterName = po.PrinterName;

// can be omitted, the effect is the same

if (!pChart.Printer.Document.PrinterSettings.IsValid) {

MessageBox.Show("Printer ´" +

pChart.Printer.Document.PrinterSettings.PrinterName + "´ is invalid.");



pChart.Printer.Compress = false;

pChart.Printer.Print(-1, -1);

B) Here´s a simple sample project: ChartFX_PrintPage.zip

(I had to remove the output, because the news server didn´t accept 800


I also sent the cmplete project to the support as response to incident



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What is the status on this bug?  I am having issues with this as well.  I 

tried checking the Open Issues section of the web site but is does not seem

to be up-to-date as it is empty and still references the last service pack

released in August.

Thanks for your help!


"SoftwareFX Support" <noreply@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> Looks like a bug. Please contact Software FX Support so that they can open

> an incident.


> --

> Francisco Padron

> www.chartfx.com


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