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AxisY ForceZero and scaling

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> I sure wish folks responded on this forum faster

What would be fast enough ? The difference between your first posting and

this one is less than 3 hours.

If you need immediate support you can call or e-mail our support department




Software FX, Inc.

"Greg" <greg@nowhere.com> wrote in message


> Answer: I had not called chart1.CloseData( ), yet the chart was visible

> and responsive nonetheless.


> -Greg

> (I sure wish folks responded on this forum faster. Perhaps FX Support

> could have posts automatically trigger an email to them so they can

> quickly handle such easy issues rather than letting them fester.)


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Of course, the sooner response the better.  If you would rather be happy 

with 5 hour delays (you cannot measure your time by how rapidly I respond to

myself!!), that is simply your choice.

Thank you for your offer of email support. I think it is great to have. I

personally try to use forums as much as possible as I believe it helps more

people - scaling better, providing searchable answers for those in need of

quick response.

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