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ChangedByUset Event

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The challenge with this event is that ChartFX has many properties, some of 

these properties belong to the chart, other to a specific axis or series.

So we could carry the object being changed and the property name, now the

problem is on a dialog box where the user can change many properties at a

time. Do you really want us to collect all the properties that were changed

? Is it better to fire the event several times ? Is it really important to

know that the width of the line for series 2 was changed or do you just need

to know the chart is "dirty" ?

These are the kind of questions we debated when exposing this event. We are

open to any ideas / suggestions




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"Priyanka" <priyankan@hotmail.com> wrote in message


> This event fires when there are changes made to the chart by the user, but

> the ChangedByUserEventArgs do not carry any information.


> How does one find out which property has been changed.


> - priyanka



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