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More info on drawing errors in graphs

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Attached are a sequence of screenshots showing chart drawing errors.  The 

first 3 show that the 2nd ad 3rd panes do not graph correctly. The -2

and -3 files show the same data, but the series for the top pane is changed

to demosntrate that it is only drawing the top correctly.

Also included is a binary chart export that contains the data from

screenshot -4.

Do you know what is wrong here?


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We are going to need the code that produces the chart, there are some 

inconsistencies in the file you attached that either were generated by a bug

in our code or your code, in particular it looks like the y-axis associated

to each series is wrong.

Please attach a sample project that reproduces the problem, this will allow

us to determine what the problem is and offer a solution by either telling

you what needs to be changed in your code or fixing it if the bug happens to

be on our side.


Francisco Padron


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