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Missing First Label

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I'm having trouble getting the first label of the chart to appear. I would

like the very first data point to be labelled on the Xaxis at the corner of

the graph. I have tried the following commands but they haven't worked. Is

there a different setting or am I doing something wrong. I am using chartFX

6.2. In version 6.0 this first label showed up automatically. Now after the

upgrade this appears to have changed.

Chart.AxisX.FirstLabel = 0


Chart.AxisX.FirstLabel = 1

I have also tried

Chart.AxisX.Style = Chart.AxisX.Style Or




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The reason the label is not showing is because the first "Round" label is 

displayed instead.

You can force the first label to appear by doing:

chart1.AxisX.Style &= ~AxisStyle.AutoFirstLabel;

However, this will cause the labels to start at the first value and hence

they will be NOT rounded. For example, if your first value is

20004-04-01 01:15

Then your labels will be:

20004-04-01 01:15 20004-04-02 01:15 20004-04-03 01:15




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