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Unable to customize SerLegBox position for printing

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I have an application in which one or more charts are on a form along with

various other controls. We allow users to print the entire page, or to

print (via context menu) individual charts. In the latter case, depending

on the page size and chart size, the aspect ratio for the printed chart may

be very different from the ratio for the chart on the page.

If the aspect ratio changes so that the chart is relatively taller, some of

our series legends become wrapped and/or clipped. Prior to printing, I've

tried temporarily making the chart's RightGap property larger, hoping that

the series legend would maintain a constant distance from the chart's right

border (our legend is docked Right, aligned Center). This doesn't work -

the series legend maintains it's original position.

How can I temporarily change the series legend's size and (preferably)

position to allow printing without wrapping or clipping of the legend text?

Thanks in advance.

Ken Brady

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Our legend box is not adjusting.  The attached images show the original

chart and the chart in the print-preview (the change in right gap is

exaggerated, just to illustrate the effect). Immediately prior to preview,

we execute the following code, hoping that the chart will slide over:

_rightGap = _chart.RightGap; // keep copy of original gap

_chart.RightGap = _rightGap*12;


The legend box does not move or resize, and the change in aspect ratio

causes the labels to wrap and clip.

Note that the blue title-bar above the chart is an annotation - and it too

has retained the chart's original width.

Thanks for your help.

Ken Brady

"SoftwareFX Support" <noreply@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> By default, the LegendBox resizes to accommodate all the labels.


> Are you manually changing the size of the legend box by means of the Width

> and Height property ?


> If you are, simply stop doing so and let the legend resize when the chart

> size changes.


> --

> FP

> Software FX



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