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Can't set my own cursor on ChartFX

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I wonder how I can set my own cursor on the ChartFX control.

If the chart is in Zoom mode I would like to use the cross

cursor instead of the default cursor. This makes it more

clear to the user that the chart is in zoom mode.

The cursor is always reverted to the default cursor when I set

it on the ChartFX control or parent control. Now I reset the

cursor in the mouse move event, but then it flickers.


Frederik Siegmund

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This is by design.

The Control.Cursor property can not be uses simply because Chart FX doesn't

have a "unique" cursor, in Chart FX the Cursor changes depending on what you

are doing (zooming, dragging, etc) and sometimes depending on the area in

which the mouse is (hyperlinking).

In order to change the cursor, you need to capture the MouseMove event and

change it there, otherwise Chart FX will reset it everytime the mouse moves

to reflect the current status.



Software FX

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