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Is there a quick way of making an autoscaled axis maximum equal to, say,

110% of the maximum series value, rather than exactly equal to it? Or do I

have to do this manually?

eg, if the the maximum data value is 200, the autoscaled y axis maximum is

set to 200. For aesthetic reasons I want it to be 220, but I'm too lazy to

search through the data to find the max value.



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The AdjustScale method will adjust the Max value to the nearest "round"

number, starting with the data max.

There is no way you ca specify a percentage like you are asking, however

implementing this in your app is trivial, simply add this to your code right

after setting the data to the chart:


<code that sets data goes here>

chart.AxisY.Max = 1.1*chart.AxisY.Max;



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