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How to format the PointLabels

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Hi There,

Does anyone know how to format the PointLabels to show a specific number

of decimal places. For example, display 3.14159 even if the underlying value

is 3.14159267. I see lots of PointLabel properties for alignment and font

and color but nothing for the format of the actual number.



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Since different series can contain different ranges and scales, the number

of decimals along with other formatting attributes may be different for each


For this reason, the way to control the formatting of point labels (as far

as number of decimals, scale, etc.) is through the axis to which each series

is associated with, if you don't have multiple axis, this will be the main

Y-Axis (chart.axisY).

To control the number of decimals displayed in the point labels without

affecting the number of decimals display on the axis labels do:

axis.DataFormat.Decimals = <number of decimals>;

To change it for the axis labels do:

axis.LabelsFormat.Decimals = <number of decimals>;



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