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XOR mode

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I have read in one of the messages that you paint the crosshair in XOR mode.

I am trying to paint something in XOR mode as well, but don't seem to find

a way to get to the raster operations. How do you do this?

(I want to paint a special type of 'line'-hair, not a crosshair. I want to

do it in a quick way,

without having to resort to Lines.)

With kind regards,

Ben Fikkert

Bergson, The Netherlands

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In .NET (GDI+) is not very common/easy to draw using XOR mode.

There is only a handful of API that allows you to draw in XOR mode and it is

not very good, you can find this API inside the

ControlPaint class. In particular, we use ControlPaint.DrawReversibleLine.



Software FX

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