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web form in service

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I have written an object that wraps the creating of the chart.  I pass in an

ID and get back a path to an image that is the graph. The object uses the

web forms version of the ChartFX object. I have also written a service that

generates the charts based on reading MSMQ entries. My problem is that when

i call the object from my service the chart image that i get back is not

correct. When i call the same object from an aspx page I do get back the

correct graph. Is there some limitation to calling an object that uses the

web forms version of chartFX from a windows form application?

The attached windows form, while not aping the scernio i described, displays

the behavior I am talking about. The data.xml file supplies the data to the



Glenn Hard


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Make sure that when you create the object you use the appropriate


Chart chart = new Chart(null);

Is the appropriate way to create a chart object. Calling the Empty

constructor from a non-web environment will trick the chart into thinking it

is at design time and therefore it will plot random data.



Software FX

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