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Y-axis labels when values < 1

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If all values of a Line chart are < 1, the chart displays no labels for the

Y-axis. A possible workaround is to read all values, then manually set

AxisY.LabelsFormat.Decimals to some number related to the order of magnitude

of the largest value, eg log(value) + 1. This seems to force the labels to

appear, but it would be nice if the chart calculated scale for small values

as it does for > 1.

A twist on this is that even this measure fails if values are < 1, constant,

and AxisY.ForceZero = false (admittedly extreme, but does happen). It is

always possible to set reasonable min and max manually each time the data is

read, but again it would be nice if the chart did it for me, or if there

exists some property I have missed which does part of the work ;))

Any suggestions welcome, thanks in advance

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The Min and Max are calculated based on the data, regardless of the range of 

the data (< 1 is ok).

The problem is in the display, the number of decimals is fixed, it is not

calculated by Chart FX so the labels will be rounded in order to display

using this setting.

So, you will need to set the number of decimals according to your data.


Francisco Padron


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