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problem with Bar Chart

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Looks like you have a bunch of series where ALL the values are M2. You don't

see this in a line chart because the constant line is on top of them, but

you do see them when you go to bar or any other type.

Check the data you are passing to the chart.

You can turn on the data editor (DataEditor=true) to verify your data.



Software FX, Inc.

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I did some more research on Bar chart, But Unfortunatily not able to

taste the success.

Please find the attached Workspace in Zip format having a test application.

In this Test Application , I am plotting a XY type Chart ( having DateTime

as X-Axis ). Its working fine.

But when I try to change the Graph type to Bar Chart , it throw an exception

and my program stuck in hang state.

Could you please help to find out the source of problem.


Rakesh kumar

Agilent technology International

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The problem here is this:

In Chart FX 6.0 (which is the version you are using), Bar charts don't

support X-Values, therefore, the X-Axis Max setting is ignored. The X-Axis

goes from Min to Min + <Number Of Points>, in your case this is a range of

roughly 20.

You are also setting the Step to a very small number, which makes sense when

the X-Axis is numerical but when the X-Axis becomes categorical (Bar chart)

it becomes too small.

Basically what's happening is that whit the step being 0.000005, going from

0 to 20 takes roughly 4,000,000. This slows down the painting of the X-Axis

to a point where it is actually slower than your timer so the CPU goes to


I don't know what you want to achieve with this chart but as I said, Bar

carts don't support X-Values in Chart FX 6.0. I think what you need to do

here is get rid of the X-Values and use labels instead. You will achieve the

same results (as your points are evenly spaced in X as far as I can tell)

but you will be able to do Bar charts as well as Line charts.



Software FX, Inc.

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