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More then one Y-Axis

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Can I have more then one Y-Axis ( except the default secondary Y-Axis) ??

If Yes Then How can I assigned them to Series ?

The Scenario is , I have multiple series with different scale , I want to

have a separate Y-Axis for each series.So I can scale them easily.

In SeriesAttributes we have a property YAxis , which expect YAxis Object.

The problem I am facing is I am not able to get a YAxis object from a

simple Axis object ( set as Y axis ).

Now I think problem is clear. Is there any way to achieve this?



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Yes. Simply use the Axis property as an Array and then assign the index to

the series. For example:

chart1.Series[i].YAxis = (YAxis) 3;


chart1.Axis[3].Gridlines = true;

Note: If you wan the newly created axis to be re-scaled according to the

data in the assigned series, you must either assign the YAxis property

BEFORE passing the data to the chart or call RecalcScale.



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