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Problem with stacked area charts with two panes

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I got a problem with using a chart with 2 panes in stacked area mode. The Y

axis scaling doesn't work right. The second pane scaling seems to include

values from first pane for axis calculation.

Attached image is created from default chart dragged on a new form. I

added second pane and put third series on the second pane using desing time

wizard. Then I changed

chart gallery to Area and AllSeries.Stacked to Normal. Now clearly Y axis

on the second pane is including values from first pane when calculating

maximum value. Stacked100 has same problem, but Side By Side mode works just


Btw. putting just the second series on the second pane has also interesting

effect: First series is hidden under third series in the main pane.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

ChartFX version is 7.0.2424.18037. (ChartFX for VS 2005 WinForms)


Jari Hautio

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