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selecting series by clicking into the legend

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I have a stacked bar chart with a series legend box. I need to be able

to find out which legend item on a series legend is clicked upon.

I use MouseDown event to detect the click. HitType == HitType.LegendBox

when I click into the legend item. But I am having problem figuring out the

clicked item index.

e.Point seems to contain the legend item number (in reverse order,

unless you set SerLegBoxObj.Flags = LegendBoxFlag.Inverted), but only if the

legend layout is a single column. If you have more legend items so they are

split into multiple columns, e.Point has nothing to do with the legend item

index anymore.

I am having similar problems if I try using UserLegendBox instead of


So, the question is - how do I find out the series index corresponding

to the clicked legend box item?


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The Point property contains the index of the item being  clicked.

Because this event is generic for ANY legend (Series Legend, Values Legend

or User Legend), this number is not directly the Series index.

Checking this, we found a bug for multi-column legends. The columns are

interchanged with the rows. We will fix this problem and include it in the

next SP.

If you issue is urgent, please contact our support dept. for a HotFix. A

HotFix fixing this problem will be available in a couple of days.



Software FX, Inc.

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