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Bar and Step chart not displaying correctly?


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I would like to build a chart with two series. One a bar the other a step. When I try this the chart only shows the step and not the bars. I can display both individually but not together. Here is the code:



Axis a = new Axis {AutoScale = true, ForceZero = false, Labels = {Decimals = 2}, Title = new Title("value")};


chtMain.AxisX.Labels.Format = AxisFormat.Time;

chtMain.AxisX.Labels.CustomFormat = "HH:mm";

chtMain.AxisX.Title = new Title("Time");

SeriesAttributes series = new SeriesAttributes("Value");

series.AxisY = a;

series.Content = "My Value";

series.BindingPathX = "Date";

series.Gallery = Gallery.Step;

series.Volume = 100;

series.Marker.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed;


SeriesAttributes series2 = new SeriesAttributes("Value");

series2.AxisY = a;

series2.Content = "My Value2";

series2.BindingPathX = "Date";

series2.Gallery = Gallery.Bar;

series2.Marker.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed;


series.ItemsSource = GetData();

series2.ItemsSource = GetData();



What am I missing?

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You can combine bar with steps (or other connected gallery types such as line, area, etc.) but NOT when you use X values. If your data is equally spaced you might be able to get the chart you need by not setting the Series.BindingPathX property for both series.

Supporting bars with X values is tricky because it is not clear how wide should the bars be. We have some code that tries to support bars with X values but when I tested combining with steps I noticed the first bar was not drawn. If you want to explore this please add this code after you set the second series gallery to bar.

  ChartFX.WPF.Galleries.Bar bar = (ChartFX.WPF.Galleries.Bar) series2.GalleryAttributes;   bar.XValues = true;   bar.XWidth = new TimeSpan(0,10,0); 


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