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X-Y Line Chart Question: Multiple Series w/ Different # of points

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I got a problem when I tried to plot a multi-series X-Y line chart,


series have different number of points.

e.g I want to plot two series:

Series 1 w/ 2 points (1,1) and (2,2)

Series 2 w/ 3 points (1,2), (2,4) and (3,6)

I used the code below to plot them:

Chart.OpenData(COD.Values, 2, 3);

Chart.OpenData(COD.XValues, 2, 3);

Chart.Value[0,0] = 1;

Chart.XValue[0,0] = 1;

Chart.Value[0,1] = 2;

Chart.XValue[0,1] = 2;

Chart.Value[0,0] = 1;

Chart.XValue[0,0] = 2;

Chart.Value[0,1] = 2;

Chart.XValue[0,1] = 4;

Chart.Value[0,2] = 3;

Chart.XValue[0,2] = 6;



In this way, an extra point (0,0) will be plotted on series 1. coz when I

open data, I set the

number of point to 3. While the series 1 only has 2 points.

Could you give me a clue how to resolve this?



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All series have the same number of points. You may hide some points by

assigning Chart.Hidden to their value. You can also do:

Chart.OpenData(COD.Values | COD.AllocHidden, 2, 3);

To initialize all points to Hidden instead of Zero, this way, if you don't

assign a point, it will remain hidden.



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