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Chart FX 7 for both Web and Win Forms in .NET


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We have a requirement of using Chart FX 7 for both Web forms (ASP.Net) and Win-forms.

Couple of questions:-

Would we need two separate licenses for both web and winforms?

Trial version installed both web and winforms dll's in a single install. Would it be the same behavior of the installer for a production license?

Feedback very much appreciated. Thanks

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Chart FX 7 Windows Forms is licensed per development seat and royalty free for redistribution. You will need one license per each development seat, which is part of Studio FX Premium Subscription.

Chart FX 7 Web Forms is licensed per developer and also per server. You will need one license per each development seat, included in the Studio FX Premium Subscription mentioned above. If the same developer will work on both, Windows Forms and Web Forms, only one Studio FX Premium will be required for that developer. 

On the other hand, you will need one Production Server license per each server on which you plan to deploy Chart FX for production purposes. This also applies for Test/Staging servers.

For further details about pricing and sku's please visit http://www.softwarefx.com/sfxorder/pricing.aspx. Should you have ay other sales or licensing questions, please contact sales@softwarefx.com.




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