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Need Some Information on WPF ChartFX


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I have downloaded the Evaluation version of WPF chartFX. ( Still I couldn't find time to write any code yet). Previously I have used ChartFX (Activex) now I would like to use the new WPF ChartFX in our application. I need to know the following is possible or not.

1. Is there a way to use different symbols for the series markers . Like if i want to use a symbol in a symbol font can i use it. If so how can i do that.

2.  Do you have graph has some editing capabiltiies.

3. Do you have the DataEditor available  for editing ( As per the document it is clear that you have DataView available. Is it possible to use them as an Editor to enter the data that can update the series.

4. I need to customize the LegendBox little bit , is there any examples that I need to know ?


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1. It is not possible to use a font character as a marker but you can specify your own template for a marker.

2/3. ChartFX for WPF does not support editing capabilities, the DataView will not allow you to change values. As an alternative you could use a WPF grid view instead of the built-int data view. If they are both bound to the same data, the changes in the grid view should be reflected on the chart.

4. Please post a screenshot of the customizations you need. If you don't want to post the customizations in a public place, please send an email and include a pointer to this thread.



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