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Axis step, gridlines, and zooming

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I'm using ChartFx for winforms.

chartfx.dll Version 6.0.839.0, (6.0.1353.24751)

chartfx.base.dll Version 6.0.839.0, (6.0.1353.24702)

chartfx.borders.dll Version 6.0.839.0, (6.0.1353.24718)

I have a Gantt chart with the Y (horizontal) axis as time. I set the axis

step to be a nicely rounded time interval (say 15 minutes) to get nicely

spaced gridlines, and the axis max and min to be rounded values (eg 15, 30,

45 etc minutes past the hour).

The user can zoom in on particular areas of the chart.

The problem is that the user can zoom in so far, that they are in between

axis steps, and so no grid lines or axis labels are drawn, and so the user

has the feelng of 'being lost'.

How can I set the axis grid lines to be a successively smaller time interval

as the user zooms in?

If I set the axis step to be very small (say 1 minute) this would be ok when

zoomed in, but there would be too many grid lines when not zoomed.

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