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Step in a Line chart


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Dear Forum,

I have a line chart where I set ForceZero to False so that the chart is in all the plot area.

This was working ok for me bbut know, I have a problem for a particular set of data.

The value of the chart are in this case vary close, for example : 14.945, 14.95, 14.954, 14.965 etc.

The chart is diplayed correctly but I have no clue on the Y axis about the values (see screenshoot 1).

I have tried to set the Step to 0.01, this do the trick for this particular data (see screenshoot 2) but it is not accettable for other data (for example if I have value range between 0 and 100!).

Do you have any suggestion on this? Id it is possible to show always min and max or some line or something else to give a blue about the values?

Thanks for any hint on this.


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Instead of setting the step you might want to try changing the number of decimals used in the Y axis.

chart1.AxisY.Labels.Decimals = 2;
= 3;

The first line would only affect the axis labels while the second would affect things like tooltips. If the data range is variable you could do something like this

chart1.DataBound += new EventHandler(OnChartBound);
private void OnChartBound (object
sender, EventArgs e)
((chart1.AxisY.Max - chart1.AxisY.Min) < 2)
  chart1.AxisY.Labels.Decimals = 2;



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Is it possible to do something symilar with binding? I have tried a multibinding

<MultiBinding Converter="{StaticResource MinAndMaxConverter}">

<Binding Mode="OneWay" ElementName="test1" Path="Min" />

<Binding Mode="OneWay" ElementName="test1" Path="Max" />


but it seems to be Min and Max don't notify as the converter is called only once (with double.minvalue/maxvalue).

Otherwise, as I dont have code behind, I will need to use an attached behaiour

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