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Serie tooltip sensitivity


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Is it possible to increase the area around the serie where the tooltip pops up?Is it possible to specify a margin where the cursor enter within that area triggers the serie tooltip?Our series are thin so it is very hard to hit the serie, to display the tooltip.

It is not possible to increase the thickness of the serie because there are multible series and it would make it impossible to distinguish the series.We set the tooltip in code.

localChart.AllSeries.ToolTips.ConnectedStyle =

TooltipConnectedStyle.Closest;DataTemplate dTemplate = (DataTemplate) FindResource("RichContentToolTipWithDay");localChart.AllSeries.ToolTips.Template = dTemplate;

<DataTemplate x:Key="RichContentToolTipWithDay"><Grid><Grid.ColumnDefinitions><ColumnDefinition Width="Auto" /></Grid.ColumnDefinitions><Grid.RowDefinitions><RowDefinition Height="Auto" /><RowDefinition Height="Auto" /><RowDefinition Height="Auto" /></Grid.RowDefinitions><TextBlock Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="0" x:Name="SeriesText" Text="{Binding Path=Content}"></TextBlock><TextBlock Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="0" x:Name="DateText" Text="{Binding Path=DataItem.TimeStamp, Converter={StaticResource defaultToStringConverter}, ConverterParameter='\{0:dd/MM HH:mm\}'}" /><StackPanel Grid.Row="2" Grid.Column="0" Orientation="Horizontal"><TextBlock x:Name="ValText" Text="{Binding Path=DataItem.Value, Converter={StaticResource defaultToStringConverter}, ConverterParameter='\{0:0.00\}'}"/> </StackPanel></Grid></DataTemplate>




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Which gallery type are you using? Are you using a specific motif/style? We do not have an API that would increase the tooltip area but this is something that could be achieved by providing your own gallery template that adds some trasparent shape around the visuals that represent the data.


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Hi JuanC

Thank you  for your reply.We are using line serie as gallery type. Do you have an example of an custom gallery template? Yes we are using the,  Motifs:Simple.ChartTemplate

How can you make a shape around a serie?


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It would be something like this






Points="{Binding Path=Points}"
Stroke="Transparent" StrokeThickness="10"

  <Polyline x:Name="points"
Points="{Binding Path=Points}"
Stroke="{Binding Path=Stroke}"
StrokeThickness="{Binding Path=StrokeThickness}"
StrokeDashArray="{Binding Path=StrokeDashArray}"
Opacity="{Binding Path=Opacity}"



Binding="{Binding Path=Dimmed}">




Property="Opacity" Value="0.25"








This is a copy of our simple line template but I added a transparent PolyLine that increases the tooltip area of the line.


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