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Hiding data points across x-axis values...

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We allow our users frequently to hide a series in a chart if that series is not relevant to their analysis. We then offer them the ability to show all to allow the chart to revert to its original state. These options are typically added to the right-click menu that appears when you select a particular series.

We have had several requests to allow them to hide a set of data points associated with a value on an x-axis across series.

In this example, the user would right click of "Jan" and bring up a menu that has an option that would allow them to hide the blue and red bars associated with January. As with our series functions, we would then want the ability later to issue a "Show All" to allow them to revert to the original.

I know we have to add the menu item ourselves, but how would we go about hiding the data points associated with a particular value on the x axis?

Thanks again.


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There is no API to hide a point in the chart while keeping the data.

You will need to implement this on your end. Depending on whether you want the space for the removed point to disappear or not the solution would be different.

If you want to completely eliminate the point along with the space that it occupies, you are going to need to re-set the chart's data and keep a copy somewhere else in order to restore it upon user's request.

If you want just to mark the point as "not-relevant" but leave it there with the space that it occupies, you can use Per-Point attributes to change its color, make it transparent, grayed out, or something along those lines.


Francisco Padron


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