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Is there a chance to do performance test?


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Hi, Support Team...

I have an additional question about ChartFX for WPF.

We have used FX 7 to display the scatter chart with 50,000 or more dots availably.

Is there any difference between FX 7 and ChartFX for WPF about this performance like this?

and is there any samples to test performance public?

Your response will be very helpful for us at this time.


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Although WPF is hardware accelerated there are some performance differences between WPF and GDI related to how elements are painted. Unfortunately We do not have any samples for performance testing.

In Chart FX for WPF I would recommend you try the following if performance is not satisfactory

- Change the Style which controls most of the visuals of the chart, e.g. chart1.Style = ChartFX.WPF.Motifs.Basic.Style;

- Set UseVisuals to false, this will use low-level rendering which sometimes is faster but you will lose the templatibility of the galleries.


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