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I'm looking for just a simple XYZ scatter example.  I see plenty of examples for contour but I'm looking for just a simple xyz scatter.  When I attemp to create one myself I get an error stating that "The current chart gallery settings is inconsistent with the number of series in your data.  Some gallery types require a specific number of series."

ScatterXYZ x = new ScatterXYZ();

chart1.View3D.IsEnabled = true;

chart1.AllSeries.GalleryAttributes = x;

//if i remove everything below then i get exactly what i want with the default data.

//i just want to send my own xyz values and get a simple xyz scatter plot


chart1.Series.Add(new SeriesAttributes());

chart1.Series[0].ItemsSource = GetData();

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ScatterXYZ needs 2 series. The first series should have X and Y values while the second series Y data will be used as the Z values, e.g.

List<XYZData> xyzData = new List<XYZData>();

xyzData.Add(new XYZData(1,1,2));



chart1.Series.Add(new SeriesAttributes() { BindingPath = "Y", BindingPathX = "X" });

chart1.Series.Add(new SeriesAttributes() { BindingPath = "Z" });

chart1.ItemsSource = xyzData;

Note that we are assigning the data on a per-chart basis as you will probably have your XYZ information in a single list. In the sample I am assuming the XYZData class has 3 numeric properties called X, Y and Z. Although you could pass the data on a per series basis you will still need to "combine" X and Y in a single list so it is not possible to pass 3 double arrays.

If you need multiple sets of XYZ scatters, i.e. you have 2 lists of XYZ data you need to pass then you would do something like this


chart1.Series.Add(new SeriesAttributes() { BindingPath = "Y", BindingPathX = "X", ItemsSource=xyzData1 });

chart1.Series.Add(new SeriesAttributes() { BindingPath = "Z", ItemsSource=xyzData1 });

chart1.Series.Add(new SeriesAttributes() { BindingPath = "Y", BindingPathX = "X", ItemsSource=xyzData2 });

chart1.Series.Add(new SeriesAttributes() { BindingPath = "Z", ItemsSource=xyzData2 });


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