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Dates as FieldUsage.Label in x-axis do not work properly with Compact


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We are using Line Chart and using Dates as FieldUsage.Label on x-axis and numeric values in y-axis as FieldUsage.Value. We are are also supporting daily, weekly data compact using following code:

chart.Data.Y.CompactFormula =

CompactFormulas.First;chart.Data.X.CompactFormula = CompactFormulas.First;chartRollingValuation.Data.Compact(7); // for weekly

It works fine to compact Values in Y-axis but do not work with Dates as Label in x-asis and show initial date values. If we use Dates as FieldUsage.XValue then this functionality works fine. but due to some other requirements (we have to handle dates manually); we have to use Dates as FieldUsage.Label.

Can you please help me to find out how to handle Dates as FieldUsage.Label in x-axis along with Compact


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