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OtherTransform Changes the way Data is Displayed Across Pie Charts


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When I use the OtherTransform for multiple pie charts, it completely removes the pie slice from a related chart if the represented data point is displayed in the "Other" category of the main chart.

I know this is confusing to explain in words, so here are some pictures:

This is what I happens to the main chart when I have an "Other" grouping applied:

Posted Image 

However, when we look at the secondary chart (code below), the "Other" grouping is disregarded and the pie slice is missing from the pie:

Posted Image

I would expect to see something along the lines of this, using the code below:

Posted Image

What can I do to make the OtherTransform work correctly on both charts?

Thank you,


Here is some code to reproduce the issue:

private void ShowChart()

  // The only XAML item needed for this example is a Grid named "MyGrid" in a new WPF Window class

  Chart myChart = new Chart();
  myChart.Gallery = ChartFX.WPF.Gallery.Pie;

  List<ChartItem> bindingSource = new List<ChartItem>();
  bindingSource.Add(new ChartItem { Content = "Value a", Pie1 = 5, Pie2 = 1 });
  bindingSource.Add(new ChartItem { Content = "Value b", Pie1 = 1, Pie2 = 5 });

  myChart.Series.Add(new SeriesAttributes("Pie1") { Content = "Pie 1" });
  myChart.Series.Add(new SeriesAttributes("Pie2") { Content = "Pie 2" });

  // Uncomment these lines to see the problem
    //OtherTransform otherTransform = new OtherTransform { Text = "Other", MinPercentage = 20 };

  myChart.ItemsSource = bindingSource;
  myChart.AxisX.Labels.BindingPath = "Content";

// An item for the chart
class ChartItem
  public string Content { get; set; }
  public double Pie1 { get; set; }
  public double Pie2 { get; set; }

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Unfortunately the OtherTransform is not prepared to handle multiple series in Chart FX for WPF 8.0

We have rewritten our implementation in ChartFX for WPF 8.1 which should be released relatively soon as a free update. I tested your scenario in 8.1 and it works fine. Our new behavior works as follows

A, 9, 1

B, 1, 8

C, 1, 1

D, 1, 1

Default Behavior

1st pie shows A and Other that includes B, C and D.

2nd pie shows B and Other that includes A, C and D.

Legend box shows A, B and Other

Alternate Behavior (ShowMixedValues = true)

1st pie shows A, B and Other that includes C and D.

2nd pie shows A, B and Other that includes C and D.

Legend box shows A, B and Other


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