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How to consume an MS SQL T-SQL Stored Procedure with a single parameter from a DataPart ?


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I have created an MS SQL T-SQL stored procedure with a single NVARCHAR(10) input parameter, @BranchID.

I need to use it within a Chart and Advanced List DataParts, so I entered it in any of the following ways in the Change SQL query menu but nothing works. Please see below for what I have tried:

exec stp_KPORTAL_STORES_KPIS_StoreClientsPerHour '@input' (it is accepted, BUT, I don't get to connect @input to another Provider Filter web part, i.e. the Configure Parameters option/link does NOT show up in the ToolPane).

exec stp_KPORTAL_STORES_KPIS_StoreClientsPerHour @input (it is NOT accepted as valid SQL)

I need to present the user with different result set according to the input value of @BranchID. This value I am going to get from another Provider Filter Web Part I have created.

Can you please help?


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