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  1. Hello big.andy76 I am having the exact same issue with one out of four charts on a SharePoint page. All three DataPart Chart instances BUT one display their data without any problem, but the last chart displays "Chart [1] DataParts Error: 1 Please contact your SharePoint Administrator and report the error above". It is very strange because the chart only shows this error to some users, not all. For example, I can view the chart just fine, however, a user at the client site gets Error 1 above. Have you found a solution to this? Do you know what Error 1 means ?
  2. Hello, I have created an MS SQL T-SQL stored procedure with a single NVARCHAR(10) input parameter, @BranchID. I need to use it within a Chart and Advanced List DataParts, so I entered it in any of the following ways in the Change SQL query menu but nothing works. Please see below for what I have tried: exec stp_KPORTAL_STORES_KPIS_StoreClientsPerHour '@input' (it is accepted, BUT, I don't get to connect @input to another Provider Filter web part, i.e. the Configure Parameters option/link does NOT show up in the ToolPane). exec stp_KPORTAL_STORES_KPIS_StoreClientsPerHour @input
  3. I managed to install the product. I did NOT have the same issue as you, so I suggest you contact them in provide them with the info they require.
  4. Hello,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> I am stuck with an issue trying to evaluate the operation of DataParts for SharePoint 2.0 against a backend ORACLE database and no matter what SQL query I execute within DataParts (and against my ORACLE installation), I always get
  5. Hello, I am running the installer, provide the license and click on the NEXT button, only to find out than nothing happens. I only get the wait cursor for a few seconds and the installer just stays on the licensing page. My environment is: MOSS 2007 Standard Edition on Windows Server 2003 (x86). Can you help? Thank youPete
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