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Charts won't display on new server. Images broken.


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I will try and be as specific as possible about the problem we are having getting Chart FX 7 to work on our new server.

The new server is Windows Server 2008 32-bit (IIS7) . We installed ChartFX and made sure that IUSR had all the appropriate folder permissions. We also made sure that the PSS App was able to execute scripts.

The Problem: We aren't getting an error message but no images are being written to the temp folder or being displayed on our sites.

Could it be a license problem? We have our old server running. We would like to do a smooth transition and have both running at the same time.


Blake & Mandy

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No one has any comment on this? Would it be a license issue since we have only one I believe. If someone from softwareFX could confirm for me that if there is a license problem Chartfx only displays its broken image. It would help out a lot. Also if thats the case would SoftwareFX be able to provide a temporary license for our server change to go smoothly.

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Please make sure you have the ChartFX70 virtual folder on IIS at the root of your application, and that this folder is mapped to C:\Program Files\Chart FX 7\ChartFX70. Also, this virtual folder needs to have read/write permissions, and the PSS sub-folder needs to be running as an application on IIS and able to execute scripts only.


Additionally, please go to the services console (Administrative Tools > Services) and check if PSS service is running. If not, please start it.

With or without PSS, are you able to see the chart in your page?

Remember that you can contact our support team at support[AT]softwarefx.com for further assistance about this issue. They will be more than glad to help you. Please include your product serial number as well. 



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