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  1. No one has any comment on this? Would it be a license issue since we have only one I believe. If someone from softwareFX could confirm for me that if there is a license problem Chartfx only displays its broken image. It would help out a lot. Also if thats the case would SoftwareFX be able to provide a temporary license for our server change to go smoothly.
  2. I will try and be as specific as possible about the problem we are having getting Chart FX 7 to work on our new server. The new server is Windows Server 2008 32-bit (IIS7) . We installed ChartFX and made sure that IUSR had all the appropriate folder permissions. We also made sure that the PSS App was able to execute scripts. The Problem: We aren't getting an error message but no images are being written to the temp folder or being displayed on our sites. Could it be a license problem? We have our old server running. We would like to do a smooth transition and have both running at the s
  3. I placed a ChartFX inside an ajax updatepanel and now the chart's Context menus are displayed in a vertical list above the chart after an async post back. I tried searching the forums before posting and to no avail. Anyone ever run into this before? My code: ChartFont="Times New Roman, 8pt" ForeColor="Black" Height="323px" Width="809px" RandomData-Points="0" RandomData-Series="0">
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