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Axis Format and Binding problem


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Dear Forum,

I have a chart with the following binding:

<cfx:Chart ... ...  ItemsSource="{Binding Path=ReportData, Mode=OneWay}" ... ..."> 

and the X axis with the format:


cfx:AxisLabelAttributes Format="Date" />

I have also the following cross table transformation:


<cfxData:CrosstabTransform RowPath="AxisXColumn" ColumnPath="SeriesColumn" ValuePath="AxisYColumn" />


ReportData is a List<ChartableReportRow>

where ChartableReportRow is a class with the followinf fields:



object AxisXColumn (this return actually DateTime but I need "object" because it is a configurable view model and in some case it return strings)


decimal AxisYColumn


object SeriesColumnMy problem is that the format of dates does not take place (they have always time component, my guess is that the chart is actually using them as strings instead ?)

If I change public object AxisXColumn into public DateTime AxisXColumn the format take place correctly.

Fo you have any suggestion?

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Starting on build 3880 we changed our support for object properties, instead of doing ToString we will wait for the first element and then act according to its type. Please check the version of ChartFX.WPF.dll, if the build number (3rd number) is older than 3880 you can download our most recent hotfix.


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